Right by You


Partners for Mental Health has launched their new campaign!! Very exciting stuff.  As a Community Correspondent for Partners for Mental Health, it is amazing to be able to talk about the campaigns and explain why each one is important.  Since the stigma around mental health encourages people to be “hush hush” about the facts, it’s wonderful to be able to bring these facts into the light.

This new campaign is called “Right by You.”  It focuses on youth suicide prevention.  As someone who thought about taking their own life many times as a youth, this is something I am very passionate about.

The Right by You campaign asks Canadians to speak out and stand up for change.  We want to rally thousands of people to raise their voices and declare to government that this is an issue that no longer can be ignored and that greater support and funding is necessary in order to prevent tragedies like suicide.

Did you know?


-As many as 8% of young people will try to take their own lives

-Suicide is a leading cause of death among Canadians

-Suicide is the #1 cause of non-accidental death among youth

-Every year we lose 762 young Canadians to suicide

-As many as 173,000 young people will try to take their own lives

-1 in 5 youth (aged 9-19) have a mental health problem or illness

-3 out of 4 children and youth with a mental health problem will not receive treatment


Check out the campaign video from Partners for Mental Health at

You can also click on this link to take action and sign the Right by You petition.  It’s time we as Canadians stand up and do right by our youth.