Quick update


As of right now, I am sitting alone in a quiet hotel room in 100 Mile House, British Columbia. As most of you know, my fiance has been posted here with the RCMP, so we will be living here for the next few years.  

And I am ecstatic about it! I have always wanted to live in BC and we were very blessed to get 100 Mile House.  When my fiance first phoned me a few months ago to let me know that's where we would be placed I hadn't heard of the town.  In fact, when he told me we were moving to 100 Mile House, my first words were "What's a 100 Mile House??"


Anyway, we're in the mountains and there's lots of lakes for fishing and animals for hunting and hills for hiking and water for kayaking...what more could we ask for? 

We have also found a wonderful and quiet place to live. As of now, we are waiting for our stuff to arrive so a hotel will be our temporary home until then. 

My mental health has majorly been tested over the past few weeks.  Not only am I very much an introvert, but I also have some social anxiety.  The past month has included me quitting my job, attending my fiance's grad, hosting family, moving from the house we had made home, moving to a different province, finding new housing, and meeting lots of new people. It's difficult for me to go without my alone time every few hours, but I did it. 

The key for me was to escape every few hours.  Go read a book for a half hour, or take a short walk, or dive into a quick nap to re-energize.  Being very aware of my emotions and boundaries has kept me sane through all of the changes.  It's definitely key. 

Anyhoo, just an update for everyone and once I get settled into my new life, I will start writing more regularly again!