What to say?

The other day I was consoling a friend that was feeling very depressed.  I was doing my best to say the “right things” and help as much as I could, all while knowing that there’s not much I could do.

Lately I’ve been seeing SO many posts about “What not to say to someone with depression.”  This has really had me thinking. 

There’s so many articles concentrating on the negative.

  • “What not to say to someone with depression.”
  • “What not to do when someone’s feeling down.”
  • “What not to think when a friend tells you they’re depressed.”

What about what TO do??  What about what TO say??  We talk so much about what not to say to someone, but what about what TO say?

In my opinion, it’s because we don’t know.  We know not to tell someone they’re being a downer and we know not to be insensitive when a friend has depression, but what should we say and what should we do?

I think this depends so much on the individual and if there is a cause to the depression or not.

I’d like to create an article on things to say to someone with depression but I need your help! What do you think?

Please comment on this post or message me (through the Contact Me tab at the top) and let me know what you think is something a person should say to someone with depression.

Looking forward to hearing from you!