Right by You

Hi friends!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about Partners for Mental Health.  I’ve been a Community Correspondent for PFMH for about 3.5 years now and they’ve had really super fantastic campaigns!

The 2015/2016 campaign is called Right by You.  The Right By You campaign was created by Partners for Mental Health to improve mental health and prevent suicide among youth, by mobilizing and engaging Canadians to help drive fundamental changes that result in:

  • Increased awareness and attention toward youth mental health
  • Greater understanding, acceptance and support for young people living with a mental health problem or illness
  • Increased access to, and funding for, youth mental health services, treatment and support

PFMH’s work continues as they provide additional resources to parents and caregivers to support youth mental health and rally Canadians across the country to lend their voices in calling on provincial and territorial governments to further invest in youth mental health. They aim to make mental health-related services, treatment and support available to all children and youth as soon as they need it, not just to those whose families can afford to pay for them.

There are several tools PFMH has developed in support of getting youth the help they need:

  • Bust the Myths videos: There are 3 new videos interviewing parents, youth and experts about common myths around suicide and youth mental health
  • Petition: We are asking the provincial/territorial governments to further invest in youth mental health services. Please sign the petition and help us get to 50,000 signatures, or help spread the word by sharing the petition with your network.
  • Guide: The free parent/caregiver guide to youth mental health is a great resource that covers the myths, warning signs, the dos and don’ts of talking about suicide and other youth mental health resources:
  • Community toolkit: One great way to get communities involved is to download or order the community toolkit, which provides posters, postcards, stickers and petition collection forms:
  • Share your story:  Check out some of the moving stories of experiences people have had trying to get help for youth with mental health issues, as well as personal stories of living with mental illness, on the story wall, and encourage people to share their stories too:
  • Infographics: In addition to the resources on the RBY site, there is also a number of infographics about youth mental health available on Facebook here that you can add to your blog posts or share on social media:


There's always lots to be done in regards to improving youth mental health, and mental health resources in general! This campaign is a step in the right direction!