Psychology Month

Well we’re into the last week of Psychology Month.

Psychology and psychological services have played a large part in my life.  The services I’ve participated in have basically saved my life.  Well, not basically.  They HAVE saved my life.

When I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety, I was determined to do absolutely everything I could to get better.  I was sick of feeling sick.  The first thing I did was participate in groups. 

I enrolled in a Bipolar Education group.  I learned all about the medications and cognitive therapies I could do to help myself.  I then enrolled in an Anxiety group.  I learned all sort of amazing techniques to help myself on a daily basis and lesson my anxieties about life.

I also found a counselor.  She was amazing.  To this day, I know I am so lucky to have found a counselor I connected with right away. 

Since then, I have moved away.  And I’ll be honest, it has been a struggle to find resources in the tiny town I live in.  But I have found a great family doctor that takes care of my medications and an absolutely fantastic counselor who cares about me and checks up on me when she hasn’t heard from me in awhile.

Lately I have also taken up the use of essential oils and yoga as alternative therapies, which have helped immensely.

Forcing my way into getting help and using psychological services have saved my life.  I would encourage anyone struggling to reach out.  Previously being in “that place,” I know that it is one of the hardest things to do as a person with mental illness.  But it is also one of the bravest things to do and one of the most rewarding things to do.  Life opens up when you let it J

Happy Psychology Month!