Hi friends!  Have you heard of the b4stage4 Manifesto?  This manifesto is calling for equality of mental health and addiction services.  It aims to improve the systems of care for mental health and addiction in British Columbia.

As the manifesto website states, “We don’t wait until Stage 4 to intervene for cancer, so why do we wait to treat mental illness and addiction?”  How true is this! Mental health is just as important as physical health and should be treated as such.

We need to start improving our mental health care systems NOW.  There are so many people in this province not receiving the care that they need.  The need is loud and clear.  I have seen so many people being turned away from hospitals.  I have seen people struggle to find resources to help them.  And I have seen people desperate to find someone who believes in them.  This is not okay.

The manifesto aims to:

-->Focus on prevention and early intervention

-->Build access to addictions health care

-->Strengthen recovery closer to home, in community

-->Improve crisis care

-->Lead change in mental health and addictions


97% of British Columbians believe mental health conditions should receive the SAME or HIGHER funding priority as physical health conditions.

3 out of 4 diagnosed with a mental health condition in BC are not receiving the mental health services they need.

$6.6 BILLION is the estimated indirect and direct costs of mental health and addiction issues affecting adults in British Columbia each year.

You can sign the manifesto at  By signing the manifesto, you are agreeing, "I stand with the Canadian Mental Health Association in calling for a system of care that addresses mental health, addiction, and physical health equally.