Well, hello there!

Damn, it’s been a very long time since I have written a post.  For a few reasons.

1. I am pregnant! Yay! It’s been a, well, adventure! I was very sick for the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy and struggled quite a bit with my physical and mental health.  I’m feeling a LOT better, but definitely not 100%.

2. I wasn’t feeling motivated.  I lost my drive for a little while.  I wondered why I was writing my blog, what the point was, and felt like I was forcing it.

One thing about being a writer is that forcing yourself to write is really frustrating.  Well, I think forcing yourself to do anything that is enjoyable to you is really frustrating.

So, I’ve taken a break.  I wasn’t sure about continuing my blog and what was in the cards for my mental health advocacy.  I will ALWAYS be a mental health advocate.  But I never want to force anything that is no longer enjoyable.

That being said, I have felt lots of encouragement lately to keep writing and it’s feeling really good to get back at it.  Why do I write about it?  Why do I speak the truths about my struggles?




Mental illness is just as important to talk about as physical illness.  We should not be embarrassed to have mental health struggles.  Talking about it, lessening the stigma, helps others reach out for help.

That’s the only thing I can hope for.

That being said, I’d like to talk about a local company called One in Five Apparel

One in Five was started by a very brave local teen male who suffers from depression.  After getting the help he needed, him and his mom started a clothing company to raise awareness around mental illness stigma and raise money for CMHA.  One dollar of every item purchased goes towards CMHA.

One in Five people will suffer from depression in their lifetime.  One in Five.  Think about that.  That is a LOT of people!  And many won’t get the help they need because of fear.  We fear being judged and ridiculed and not believed because it is an illness you cannot see with your eyes.

If you would like to support One in Five Apparel you can check out the website here: