CMHA’s 65th Mental Health Week has started up - May 2nd to 8th, this year the theme being “Get Loud.”  Each year I like to celebrate Mental Health Week to honor myself and others who have struggled with mental illness.  It gives an extra reason to talk loud and proud about the things we have overcome, and to let others know they are not alone.


There are 10 things we can do to GET LOUD:

Wear Green! Green ribbons were used to label people as “insane” just over 100 years ago.  Time to reverse that thought and use green to show support.

Speak up!  Whether its blogging, talking to a friend or family member, or using social media tools, lets talk about mental illness to help erase stigma.

Be that friend.  Be that friend who approaches struggling people without judgment and with listening ears.

Get help.  Review your own mental health situation.  Think about how you are doing.  Perhaps take this time to do some self care or make some self care goals for the future.

Advocate! Demand help.  It’s your life and you deserve the help you need.  Advocate even louder – talk to local representatives.  The government needs to know we need more funding and resources.

Promote a healthier workplace.  Book a CMHA workshop or contact Partners for Mental Health about educating employers and employees on mental health. 

Host an event!  Arrange an event to raise awareness or funds for CMHA or another mental health organization. 

Be creative!  This could include so many things.  Poetry, songs, art etc.  And share it with the hashtag #GETLOUD.

Use social media.  We all know that topics can spread like wild fire on social media.  Hashtag the crap out of #GETLOUD to raise awareness for Mental Health Week!

Give.  Whether it’s a monetary donation through your local CMHA branch or some extra time spent with a friend who needs it.

 No matter what you choose to do, let's just #GetLoud for Mental Health Week!