Pregnancy and Self Care

Here I am 39 weeks 4 days pregnant.  I planned on writing a lovely long post, but the combination of large belly and pregnancy arthritis is making it hard to do so.

So here we are with a short post :)

As most people know, I’ve had a hard pregnancy.  All the things.  ALL of them.  I’ve hated every second of pregnancy.  That does not mean I take for granted that I was able to get pregnant.  It wasn’t simple for me to get pregnant, and I do know that I am lucky.  But if there is one thing I’ve learned, is that it is OKAY to hate pregnancy.  It is okay that while I lay on the floor simultaneously vomiting and peeing 24/7, I don’t lay there with a smile on my face.

Anyway, another thing I have been reminded of through this journey is that self-care is very important.  I am a type A personality in that I like to be organized and have the house clean etc.  A messy living room causes me anxiety.  These last 9 months have taught me that this is really not that important.  Dishes not done?  Oh well.  Dirty laundry on the floor? Doesn’t actually matter.

There are other simple things I have done throughout these months in regards to self care.  Showering.  Honestly, I know, sounds ridiculous.  But forcing a quick shower after barfing for 72 hours feels amazing.

Being okay with not being okay.  This is so important.  It’s okay to do nothing.  It’s okay to lay on the couch all day for a week straight or to lose your shit.

It is OKAY.

What kinds of things do you do for self care?