Spring - Right by You

Hi friends! Happy spring! The sun shines, the snow melts (okay sorry to you East coasters ;)), and summer is almost here.  I find that February and March can be very frustrating for people, as it’s the end of winter and the gloom becomes too much. I am very happy that we are halfway through April and it is warming up.

This also means the launch of Partners for Mental Health’s spring campaigns.  I’ve valued my time as a volunteer with PFMH, as it gives me an opportunity to talk about mental health and work against the stigma.  I will say it over and over – the more we talk, the less the stigma, and the more people are willing to reach out for help.

Right by You is a long running Partners for Mental Health campaign that aims to improve mental health and prevent suicide among youth, by mobilizing and engaging Canadians to help drive fundamental changes that result in:

  • Increased awareness and attention toward teen mental health
  • Greater understanding, acceptance and support for young people living with a mental health problem or illness
  • Increase access to teen mental health services, treatment and support

PFMH has launched some new tools and resources for parents and caregivers to use in talking to teens.  These include:

  • Weekly tips: Parents and caregivers can sign up for emails over a 12 week period that include tips on how to talk to teens about mental health:
  • Questionnaire: The website has a quiz that gives personalized content and tools based on your answers:
  • Top 5 Times and Places: Ideas for the best times and places to engage teens in conversations that can lead to discussions about mental health:
  • Ask the Right Questions: Tips and sample questions to help parents start conversations with youth:
  • Other Resources: The free Right by You guide has been updated and is available for download, plus PFMH also has 3 videos of experts, parents and youth sharing insights on how to talk about mental illness and suicide:
  • Facts: A great place to start with the campaign is the “Facts” or “Issue” section of the Right by You website, as there are some intense statistics there. 

Happy Right by You and happy spring!