The F.O.R.C.E.

Who We Are...
We are parents whose children’s lives are touched by mental health issues.

When We Learned We Weren’t Alone...
January 2000... and every day since.

Why We Formed a Society...
To insure mental health care and services are provided to children and youth and to assist their families in finding information and support.

The F.O.R.C.E...

  • promotes child and youth mental health
  • provides families with information and skills on how to manage their child’s worries and anxiety  
  • shares information on what services or supports are available for families in child & youth
  • mental health
  • provides information to professionals on topics related to child and youth mental health from a parent’s perspective
  • partners with others in creating information and resources that promote awareness and collaboration in child and youth mental health  
  • provides information to families that will enable them to know, and seek out,  who does what and where to look for services and resources
  • shares our own experiences and knowledge with others to exchange strengths and knowledge   
  • promotes prevention, early identification, and appropriate intervention

 The F.O.R.C.E...

  • models and encourages respect between families and professionals
  • assists families in learning how to identify and advocate for what is in the best interests of their child
  • works to support and assist families within boundaries that allows the FORCE to support and assist other families   
  • provides opportunities for families to meet other families who’ve been there   
  • provides emotional support
  • assists families in learning how to advocate effectively for their children or youth
  • attends meetings, when possible, to assist in taking notes and represent another pair of ears for clarification of information for parents
  • attempts to bridge the needs of families with the constraints of the systems serving children,  youth and families
  • assists in promoting mentorship and empowerment for parents



Phone: 604-878-3400 or toll free (855) 887-8004